MDX training

My greatest advice to anyone who plans on using Business Scorecard Manager (MS) is to send 1 person to OLAP and MDX training – OLAP will give that person the ability to build your cubes, while MDX will give them the ability to modify and maintain those cubes. Why is this important?
As a user myself, I have run into walls with some of the aggregations of data that I want to show. For example, cumulative, YTD, moving averages, etc, all require custom MDX expressions in order to calculate them in the Scorecard tool. If you are smart, you plan for this by building these as calculated members. Well, let’s say your customers ask to see Standard Deviation, after your cube is built – How would you handle this request?
That is where MDX comes in – By using a simple expression, you can easily wrap the StDev function into a MDX expression & add it to the cube by building a new calculated member. It is that easy!
For the cost of the consultancy we use (who are great, but still costly) to maintain, modify and build our cubes, we found that the training cost was a fraction of just 1 weeks bill from them, so the payback period is short (if you use your training right away). It’s like riding a bike…If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

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