Scorecard Deployment @ Nameless Online Travel Company

While automation seems the natural next step for most companies getting into the performance management space, word to the wise: the pain felt putting together and iterating upon a manual scorecard is second to the pain you will feel if you try to deploy an online scorecard solution without a scorecard framework to work off of.


Whether you need to iterate once or many times, in the end, it will be worth it. We took nearly a year to work out the klnks in our manual scorecard program. While that may seem like a long development lead time, for us, it was the perfect time to meet with business owners and executives to generate ‘buy-in’; my personal #1 recommendation. Without upper-level management buy-in, a bottom-up, "grass-roots" effort will often fail no matter how diligently or effectively a team may work together. And will definitely cause frustration, if nothing else.


My #2 recommendation is to clearly define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a collaborative fashion; stack ranking choices using a prioritization matrix, such as a QFD. To be more statistically rigorous in our methodology, we defined our KPIs using relative importance factors that were generated as part of a Partial Least Squares (PLS) model. What our PLS model facilitated for us was the ability to see into the Voice of the Customer and understand which satisfaction metrics influence overall customer satisfaction the most. If you think of a quadrant chart, in which you have Upper-Left, Upper-Right, Lower-Left and Lower-Right quadrants, where the x-axis is your satisfaction index (1 – 5) & the y-axis is the Importance factor as correlated to overall satisfaction, we overlayed our QFD stack rank against those factors from our PLS model that fell above the median range for Satisfaction & for Importance of the Factor relative to Satisfaction.






               Satisfaction (1 – 5), where 5 is ‘Very Satisfied’


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