Sales person: foe or strategic placement of ideas

 Sales folks present an interesting dichotomy in nature; these hunting pariah, tracking their consumer prey; asking whether you like the Sonics, you falling victim only once, but painfully so that one time: here’s how to avoid the same: while shooting an air pistol followed by the audibly annoying sound their forefinger makes when depressed on their "hot" shoulder (think ‘stzzzzzz’ sizzle sound that one makes when you do something awesome – like you are the sh*t), just know that they are about to tell you that they scored two court-side tickets because they have self-proclaimed "connections in the biz," waiting for you to bite at their bait before asking you to tag along;
OK – seems harmless, no? Absolutely, not!!  Here are the aforementioned clues to look out for:
  1. First, the air pistol and "drop it likes it’s hot" finger sizzle motion when someone touchs someone else the think is "hot", are both played out;
  2. Second, sales folks can be disingenuous at a disproportionately higher rate than many other, equally popular industries;
  3. Third, while you may think they will leave work at work, come on now, they are sales people after all, often carrying the belief that one must "sell" at all times, everything in their life; playing devil’s advocate, one might say that this isn’t so good, as they tend to "fake it ’til you make it" and in some situations, this tactic, when employed tactfully, can be extremely powerful for the people involved.
  4.  Fourth, people skills beyond that of the norm, which are innate, by definition, for the good ones, intrinsically generated and often represent a skill-set that cannot be learned or taught to others (at that level) ;

Sorry to break it to ya…


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