Scorecards Anonymous in a Web 2.0 world…?

Recently, I was asked to comment on what I thought about Web 2.0 — that’s like asking what my opinion is on internet surfing or white rice…plain, generic and filled with subliminal ignorance of one trying to sound informed yet missing the point by a long shot. In order to understand my thoughts on Web 2.0, one needs to hone in on what specific aspect — the user-generated content is quite different than user-friendly and helpful widgits which is equally as different from user-generated pages — or wait…is it all that different…?
If you ask some, they will passionately argue for the new benefits that 2.0 will offer the end user…If you ask others, they won’t have the first clue what you are talking about, thinking Web 2.0 is some new software program that Microsoft has just released. And if you ask others, they might claim to be the all knowing source of information on the subject, say, a Maven (with kudos to the ‘Tipping Point’ author Malcolm Gladwell) wanna-be, who, at the risk of sounding daft to others around them, a surpremely driving force in their lives, that is, looking intelligent to others in all topics rather than honing their skills on just one, might respond that Web 2.0 neither merits the accolades of the truely knowing nor warrants the staunch defense of the nonsensical-ness of offering users the ability to upload home movies a.l.a. ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ or personal feelings through diary blogging a.l.a. ‘Sex and the City’ meets ‘Girls Gone Wild’.
In the end, what I am writing and what you are now reading, is, in its most pure form, a type of web 2.0 offering, the self-branded, scorecard-focused, self-generated content which aims at both delivering a high-value information store to other scorecard-ers world-wide, as well as provides a platform by which, as Tom Peters would credit, yields its author, me, an opportunity to brand themselves as a topic Maven…All of this, before the Internet of the future blows up and into proportion, where Interent searches are intuitive and frustration levels are low; where content seems to "auto-magically" be pulled for you based on your preference requirements and finally, pushed out to you, with one crucial differances than what you might say is the way it is done today…the key…le clef…on demand, rather than statically rendering the same set of content rendered to all users of that Internet page. Not customized at all to your liking / preferences. Nothing is easy…everything has a price…can scorecards be set up as intuitively, say, as a widget on an existing page…? something users can drag and drop at will…? the future is near and it is bright…check out MS PreformancePoint 2007…not quite there, but close.

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