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Corporate Performance Management (CPM) has long been an area that has been a triumphant defeat or a winning success – but there gray area in between, not so much…so I started thinking about what makes one company successful while driving non success in others…

When most companies start some type of performance management program, they do not even know that is what they are doing / launching. For example, if any of you are reporting on company health metrics (i.e. revenue, etc)  or cost drivers (i.e. COGS) and tying it back to the plan using a tool like MS Excel, then you, too, are buying into CPM. Or are you…?

That was a bit unfair of me because it was meant to be a trick question. While you are reporting on health metrics and using a BI family tool, you are most certainly not operating a CPM system.


Even though you are company to company targets or plan, is it tied to the strategy? Do the company goals cascade down to the employee level and I mean all the way down to the call center agent (if you operate one internally). Do you employees conduct their day to day activities prioritized off those same goals that the CEO uses?

Next, I will walk you though how to take your MS Excel view into a CPM view with minimal cost / maximum potential for returns.

…I’m back…

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