Know Your Metric Like You Know Your Audience

Recently, I had the fortunate or unfortunate pleasure of pulling my head out of the sand, and becoming more versed in another one of our internal surveys – It comes in the form of a link, appended to an automated case response sent to end users when a service request case (think CRM) is resolved / closed. It is intended to provide voice of the business metrics since most users are from the business that submit the types of tickets in which I refer.

On the front end, I was more than shocked to here the current satisfaction score: 92%! And I was thrilled…Until, I had a need to open a ticket, and upon it’s resolution, was shocked to click through the link to what I can scarcely call a survey. It did not offer 5 response options to customers, as inspected, since the reports of satisfaction stated ’Top 2 Box Score’. By definition, Top 2 Box infers the total number of respondents who gave a 4 or a 5 on a given question / (divided by) total number of responses. If you offer only 4 options, where 4 if Excellent, 3 is Good, 2 is Poor and 1 is Bad, you are force fitting users into 1 of the 2 swings of this pendulum, without offering those "on the fence" an avenue by which to answer. Typically, 3 would be comme ce, comme ca (so-so) or neutral, which yields even greater accuracy by those taking a survey specifically because it deals with those "on-the-fencers" who don’t swing either way. 5 options is always best, and necessary to calculate Top 2 Box standard satisfaction %.

Top 2 Box is the standard survey score you hear about – Whether ASCI or Malcolm Baldridge award…Check your surveys before you quote the statistic – i.e. walk the process before you drink the Kool-aid!



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