If Pervasive BI is to Companies as CRM was in the 90’s, than…

Considered a potential BI Pioneer by Microsoft, and someone who cares deeply about the CPM trend, I can say that there are folks in the world who make the assertion that SOX compliance and BI/CPM should be naturally wedded in order to make the harmonious accord within the workplace — Yet good points made through a Social Media Marketing site like LinkedIn should be taken with a grain of salt, regarding how SOX is perceived at the CxO level, albeit for the most part I agree.

To add on to this question posed on LinkedIn’s new answers section,  part of this is due to how the "sox teams" used the term negatively to drive so much fear into developers, business, finance teams and more, that people became insensitive to the actually very important protection that SOX implicitly offers. As they say, "he/she who cried wolf…"

Secondly, folks used "sox-related" to drive projects through the pipeline at a higher priority that those previously assigned as business valuable / revenue generating / cost saving. And later, as the SOX dust settled and established procedures and policies went into place, some of those projects were sunsetted ("put on the shelf") when companies with decent compliance in place didnt see many of the promised returns from passing SOX the "1st time." But I digress –

If pervasive BI is to a company what CRM was in the 90’s,  and CPM is to what TQM promised when applied to your human resources, then SOX feels like it will naturally evolve into areas like BI / Compliance reporting more thoroughly and implicitly associated with true performance management. In fact, balanced scorecards have even adopted more of a compliance look in feel within the Internal perspective. Or at least, that is me reading tea leaves…



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