2008 TDWI Executive Summit

This past week was the TDWI Executive Summit for 2008, the event that kicks off the TDWI International Conference and Expo. Held in Las Vegas at the Ceasar’s Palace, the event was marked by pointed speeches and presentations, deep-contextual level focus groups discussing challenges and next generation solutions within the business intelligence space.
I sat on 2 panels centering around gathering requirements using an agile approach as well as on a panel discussing key performance indicators. Some of the highlights are as follows:
University of Illinois,
University of Georgia
(for both driving business intelligence and performance management into the heart of their organizations)
The country of Australia chapter of TDWI and CB, aka POJ, for driving direct and to the point over softening what could be a false statement meant to appease the other person, who also took the embedded pictures while I was spreaking on those panels,
Research team at TDWI for making topics as relevant and as close to real life as possible.
and of course, to the folks who did it back in 1997:
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"A KPI is a series (5 or less) performance initiated, behavior changing metrics for measuring the heartbeat of one’s company…"
 A second point referencing the work I’d done creating the concept for, architecting, prototyping, and finally deploying the Expedia balanced scorecard program and BI platform:

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