Enterprise 2.0, An Interesting Spin Off from Web 2.0 Concept, for Business Intelligence

Enterprise 2.0.

I thought I would follow up on my answer I added to the following Linked in question…

What is even more interesting is the linkage of Enterprise 2.0 and Business Intelligence – with the cost of tranditional BI packages on the rise, coupled with mergers of the Big 5 dotting the landscape, more and more open source providers in the BI space are starting to emerge, or gaining some traction.
And it makes sense.
What is the biggest complaint folks have today in the BI applications in their organizations? It is usually nice or something they preface to soften their real opinion, when in fact, they don’t use it or havent adopt fully, because, simply stated, the application hinders them from doing all of their day to day duties, even though it was positioned to save them days or weeks of human ETL processes with spreadmarts. Often, these overstated ROIs are never achieved, thus rendering the product as a capital expense in year 1 and an operational expense (maintainence) for subsequent years.
WIth the open source arena, you dont have such herculean goals to achieve in order to prove value to an organization. You try before you buy, as there will always be some cost involved, whether at the infrastructure, db / data warehouse or application layer in order to really support both SOA and the newer open source technologies. But the future is near, and those grabbing on without letting go are the future players to watch out for; the are the ones adapting agile technologies to the BI solutions space, while maintaining constant commitment to never building what the customer requirements havent explicitly prioritized as important. Since BI has to have a broad base enterprise REACH (not solution), in order to build adoption, or encourage use from your C-levels, you can think of open source BI as business intelligence for Enterprise 2.0.


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