WWW, “World Wide Web” or “Widget Wiki World”

In a society more inclined to favor catchy phases and sing-song like slogans, a place, no, a world of growing re usability and modularized components (whether homes, or web based widgets), one has to wonder whether we are still in the "world wide web" phase or have we moved on, moved into a, wait, dare shall I say, Web 2.0 place?
Knowing that we have, but have not yet "arrived", it seems to me to be the opportune time to suggest a change for the long-standing www, the all-loving acronym that appears before most domain names within your browsing lives (www.thinkyouarecool.com, and so forth)…Instead of the world wide web, which is not necessarily true to life, considering the restrictions placed on certain CNAMES or IP address/DNS patterns, I propose we shift gears into future, and dub it "Widget Wiki World" – widgets, for one, are used in everything from demonstrations to manufacturing plants, from internet based apps to thick client apps (do those still exist?); Wikis, ala Wikipedia, are a growing phenom, with far reaching purpose and adoption.

And, yes, this is the world in which we have arrived. A world outlined in reusable objects that can be generated and produced to suit your fancy, deposited and stored wherever you like, and replicated with ease and simplicity (think Staples’ Red Easy button). Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore – not with 2.0 (web, that is) having knocked down our doors…


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