Data Model Standard Abbreviations

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¥ – Mandatory Abbreviation


Academic academic ¥ acad

Access access access

Account account ¥ acct

Acronym acronym ¥ acr

Account title line account title line ¥ accttl

Actual actual ¥ act

Address address ¥ addr

Administrative administrative ¥ admin

Advisor advisor ¥ advr

Amount ¥ amt ¥ amt

Agreement agreement ¥ agree

Appointment ¥ appt ¥ appt

Area area area

Award award ¥ awd

Balance balance ¥ bal

Base base base

Basis basis basis

Budget budget ¥ bdgt

Beginning beginning ¥ beg

Billet billet billet

Birth birth birth

C (top of page)


Campus campus ¥ camp

Category category ¥ cat

Code code ¥ cd

Chair chair chair

CHRIS chris ¥ chris

Citizenship citizenship ¥ citz

Close close close

Class (academic class) class ¥ cls

Commitment commitment ¥ cmit

Committee committee ¥ comm

Completed completed ¥ compl

Continuing continuing ¥ contg

Conversion conversion ¥ conv

Cost cost cost

Coterm coterm coterm

Council council council

Cross cross cross

Course course ¥ crse

Current current ¥ cur

D (top of page)


description ¥ desc ¥ desc

Degree degree ¥ deg

Department ¥ dept ¥ dept

Direct (vs. Indirect) direct ¥ dir

Distribution distribution ¥ distrib

Division division ¥ div

Dollar dollar dollar

Date date ¥ dt

Dual dual dual

Effective effective ¥ eff

Emeritus emeritus emeritus

End end ¥ end

Ended ended ¥ end

Ending ending ¥ end

Enrolled enrolled ¥ enr

Enrollment enrollment ¥ enr

Earned earned ¥ ern

Ethnic ethnic ethnic

Expense, Expenditure ¥ exp ¥ exp

Extension extension ¥ ext

F (top of page)


Faculty faculty ¥ fac

Federal federal ¥ fed

Female female ¥ fem

Field field field

First first first

Fiscal fiscal ¥ fisc

Foregone foregone foregone

Foreign foreign foreign

Fiscal to Date fiscal to date ¥ ftd

Full Time Equivalent full time equivalent ¥ fte

Full full full

Function function ¥ func

Fund fund ¥ fund

Funds funds ¥ fund

Funding funding ¥ fund

Fund Title 2 fund title 2 ¥ fund2

Fund Title 3 fund title 3 ¥ fund3

Fund Title 4 fund title 4 ¥ fund4

Fund Title 5 fund title 5 ¥ fund5

General general ¥ gen

Gender gender gender

General Ledger ¥ general ledger ¥ gl

Graduate ¥ grad ¥ grad

Grading grading grading

Grand grand grand

Group group ¥ grp

H (top of page)


Hire hire hire

Hierarchy hierarchy ¥ hrchy

Indirect Cost indirect cost ¥ idc

Identifier ¥ id ¥ id

Indicator ¥ ind ¥ ind

Institute institute ¥ inst

Instructor instructor ¥ instr

Instruction instruction ¥ instn

Intended intended ¥ intd

Investigator investigator ¥ invstr

Image image ¥ img

Job Classification Code ¥ jcc ¥ jcc

Leave leave leave

Level level level

Location location ¥ loc

Major major major

Male male male

Month month ¥ mon

Modified Total Direct Cost ¥ mtdc ¥ mtdc

Name name ¥ nm

NIH (National Institute of Health) ¥ nih ¥ nih

No no no

Non non non

NSI (Network for Student Information) ¥ nsi ¥ nsi

Null null null

Number number ¥ num

Operating Budget operating budget ¥ ob

Off off off

Open open open

Organization ¥ org ¥ org

Original original orig

Other Sponsored Accounts ¥ osa ¥ osa

Other other ¥ oth

P (top of page)


Parent parent ¥ par

Percent percent ¥ pct

Person person person

Personal personal person

Program program ¥ pgm

Principle Investigator ¥ pi ¥ PI

Plan plan plan

Prime prime prime

Project project ¥ prj

Proposal proposal ¥ prop

Proposed proposed ¥ prop

Project to Date project to date ¥ ptd

Quarter ¥ qtr ¥ qtr

Quarter Year ¥ qyy ¥ qyy

Quantity quantity ¥ qty

Rank rank rank

Rate rate ¥ rt

Registered, Registration ¥ reg ¥ reg

Rejected rejected ¥ rej

Residence residence ¥ res

Residency residency ¥ res

Restrict restrict restrict

Return return return

Subject Area subject area ¥ sa

Salary salary ¥ sal

School school school

SUFIN ¥ sufin ¥ sfn

Share share share

Short short short

Sound sound ¥ snd

Social Security Number ¥ ssn ¥ ssn

Special special ¥ spc

Sponsored Project or Office ¥ spo ¥ spo

Sponsor sponsor ¥ spon

Source source ¥ src

Start start start

Status status ¥ stat

Stipend stipend ¥ stip

Stop stop stop

Student student ¥ stu

Stanford University ¥ su ¥ su

Subschool subschool subschool

T (top of page)


Tenure tenure tenure

Term term term

Time time ¥ tm

Title title ¥ ttl

Total total ¥ tot

Transaction ¥ tran ¥ tran

Transfer transfer ¥ xfer

Tuition tuition ¥ tuit

Text text ¥ txt

Type type ¥ typ

Undergraduate ¥ ug ¥ ug

Unit unit unit

University ¥ univ ¥ univ

Waiver waiver ¥ waiv

Withdrawn withdrawn ¥ wdn

Word word word

Transfer transfer ¥ xfer


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