Talking about Monsters of Legend: Cryptozoology

I find it funny how we ‘the collective human being" tends to believe what we are taught without questioning how factual or relevant a given learning is – For example, Pluto is no longer a planet as those born in the 70’s and 80’s were taught. And for decades prior, people believed our solar system consisted of 7 interplanetary objects called planets orbiting around a circumspect, gravity-free system of preconceived time, dwarf stars and theory, bound no more by the laws of astronomy, than is gravitational force an immutable space. Likewise, the black swan was considered myth until one made its way from Australia once a long-time ago, because the very existence was merely one belief, while baked in 1st -person factual experience. Did anyone go back and say "jeez, I was an id*ot for disbelieving you Joe Australian, seer of the black swan"? I highly doubt it. So, here is an account of legend gone extinct gone awry.


Monsters of Legend: Cryptozoology

Many animals once thought extinct or legendary have been eventually discovered to be real.


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