Increasing Business Value vs. Insights Provided – a Business Intelligence Roadmap


While many companies feel they have strong BI programs, most, in my experience, have operational reporting systems and sometimes, if you are lucky, they also have strategies that go with those systems or even better, are driving those systems (fueled by requirements gleaned from business needs and actual usage scenarios vs. the "way it has always been done/reported on").

As you can see in figure 1, that level merely tells you the ‘WHAT’ – it doesn’t answer the ‘WHY’ it happened (root cause), or predict the ‘HOW’ it might affect you in future, nor the ‘WHEN’ in terms of monitoring if it is happening currently or just a past event.

 (img source TDWI Research at, 2007)

Your BI roadmap should have a similar long term plan. If you want to provide increasing value to your organization, one must get out of the business of operational reporting and move towards the real meat and value of BI, which lay in the analysis, monitoring and predicting in terms of how the business views their needs from BI, not how BI believes they can deliver information.

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