Graphical Representation of the Process Towards Business Intelligence Enlightenment

It all begins with an idea…whether an idea that came to you or one which is derived on a senior executive’s whim, all business intelligence initiatives start with a single thought: how can I drive more data into our decision making and business processes in order to drive better more accurate decisions for the business, thus enabling world class operations and growth potential. Whew – that was a mouthful.
In all reality, let this graphical representation flow as organically as the thought I am trying to emphasize here – BI is a thought process and is a human relative need – So, we, as technologists need to start building software applications that meet that germanely simple conceptual need – to create software that not only improves my efficiencies at home or at work but that marries those efficiencies into human adaptive and behavioral neurological processes. When synapsis’ fire in ones brain, and neurological circuitry moves to pass one synapsis into another cortex from an origination point, one can visualize how to tie this metaphor into the systems we use everyday – Take the process of searching the Internet using your favorite search engine. We enter key words or metadata tags that represent nouns, verbs or contextual fragments that represent natural neural processing of the human brain. If search engines were constructed, likewise, BI systems, to more mirror this reflexive neural network within their enterprise application architecture, one might find more usefulness in the long run in terms of end user adoption and sustainment of said adoption after the 1st year after implementation. Let this pictorial represent that behavior marriage between BI technologies and human neural networks.


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