Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration – Delta Comparing 2007-2009

We finally have an open source tool in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (source: Gartner Group) for Data Integration while IBM and Informatica keep a big lead.

Gartner have been modifying the inclusion criteria across most of its magic quadrant –criteria:

  • They must generate at least $20 million of annual software license revenue from data integration tools or maintain at least 300 maintenance-paying customers for their data integration tools.
  • They must support data integration tools customers in at least two of the major geographic regions (North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia/Pacific).
  • They must have customer implementations that reflect the use of the tools at an enterprise (cross-departmental and multiproject) level.

There are not many software vendors out there who are charging as hard at data integration as IBM and Informatica and it shows in the latest quadrant where IBM and Informatica are further in front of the competition.

The diagram on the left shows the moves from 2007 to 2008 and 2009 with the light green line being 2007 to 2008 and the dark green being 2008 to 2009.  You can see that IBM made a big move in the 2008 quadrant and has hovered while Informatica have made big moves in each year. 

The Losers

There are no real winners and losers, there are just those companies that will give the quadrant away for free, those who will just mention it in a press release and those who will pretend it doesn’t exist.  Among those who will pretend it doesn’t exist:

– Sun Microsystems and TIBCO have been dumped from the quadrant because they don’t sell ETL style data integration tools any more.  There are a couple purple lines on the diagram from where those vendors used to be.

– ETI and Open Text are in free fall and won’t be staying in the quadrant much longer.  ETI are an old school data integration product who never got the hang of the modern trend for visual design interfaces and data integration suites.

– SAP Business Objects are still in the leader quadrant – but only just.  Does not bode well for the SAP acquisition of Business Objects.

The Winners

– Obviously Informatica and IBM are the clear winners with Informatica making a big move based on recent acquisitions and releases such as Informatica 9 and the Business Glossary.

– Oracle jump into the leader square and can blow raspberries back at Microsoft.

– Talend are the first open source data integration vendor to get into the quadrant, though they would argue (at great length) that they should have been included last year and the quadrants move too slowly in the fast paced world of business software.

– Syncsort and Pervasive keep plugging away and improving and keeping costs of software beneath those of the market leaders.

[Laura Edell comment] Ummm, I thought Pitney Bowes provided corporations with stamps and other business-related supplies…How does one leap from that genre to not just business intelligence, but data integration…? Maybe to compete with the former Business Objects Data Quality Zip Code Cleanser? j/k – but I thought that was eye catching enough to call out.

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