Respect Paid to Pitney Bowes – How PBBI Turned This Blogger’s Opinion Around

I posted the Gartner Magic Quadrant last week (Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration – Delta Comparing 2007-2009) and commented my opinion on the choices for winners and losers (big surprise, but really, I was shocked).

For one, BI practitioners tend to believe they are experts at their domain, and rightfully so, if they are good at what they do and have been doing it for a few years. In my case, 11 years of my life have been spent learning, upgrading, relearning and immersing myself in business intelligence tools and platforms.

So, this year, I was surprised by their ETL quadrant because of Pitney Bowes – Here is my comment:

[Laura Edell comment] Ummm, I thought Pitney Bowes provided corporations with stamps and other business-related supplies…How does one leap from that genre to not just business intelligence, but data integration…? Maybe to compete with the former Business Objects Data Quality Zip Code Cleanser? j/k – but I thought that was eye catching enough to call out.

A little while later, I was most surprised to receive an email from Pitney Bowes’ VP of Communication following up on my comment in a most professional manner. He also offered to chat further about their PBBI solution and walk me through the history and evolution of the PBBI product stack:

Here is a list of ETL / BI related links from the Pitney Bowes site @ 

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automated Address Management for Improving Operational Efficiency

Kudos, Pitney Bowes! I stand corrected!

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