Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Annual Performance Management Summit 2010 – Presenter Experience

Sorry for my delay. Much of my energy these days is going into the productization of my consulting experience around building dashboards and scorecards that are linked through common, meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) along vertical channels. It always surprises me which industries seemingly, from an outside PoV, would have cunning measurement tools in place from those that would not. Why? I am often wrong in my presumptions. I think profitable company means some extraneous $$ available to invest in BI or other data visualizations, because, naturally, it is where I would invest it if I were Company X’s CEO. 🙂 RIGHT! This is not the typical use case. Even in industries who fall into the highly regulated / compliance driven field still use spreadsheets or Access dbs (or as Wayne E. calls them, spreadmarts) to house/compile/report their data. Tomorrow, May 12, I am speaking at the annual BSCol Performance Management summit on designing closed feedback loop systems to address scorecard events and was reminded, dear readers, that we have come a long way since I started this blog many years ago, but have a long way to go before companies and ourselves, frankly, fully grasp the best ways to incite leaders with excitement and understanding about how to drive business initiatives and strategic objectives meaningfully instead of instinctually, where middle managers and line workers will have their contribution to those objectives linked or cascaded down into; where reporting and dashboarding tools will offer simplicity and ease of use developing the supporting data model to facilitate such drill downs, an often overlooked requirement when building scorecards or dashboards that "drill-down" into reports with that fine layer of granularity; where the same platform has the ability to run complex statistical modeling techniques using the same datasets and where data visualizations become more than the latest Flash based dashboard that often carries more sex appeal during demo that one can ever extract from it post-acquisition. Aah yes, those days will be nice. One day, I believe it will happen. A girl can dream, right…?

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