Gartner 2010 Business Intelligence Tools Magic Quadrant

For those of you who prefer not to register to receive this information, here is the 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant rating the latest and greatest BI Platforms.


I love how many of the pure play newbies of last season like QlikTech moved from visionaries into the challengers role giving the big dogs on campus, MS, SAP/Business Objects and Oracle a run for their money. And while, value can be shown easily using a product which can consume and spit out dashboards as easily as making scrambled eggs in the morning, one has to wonder how much value it provides over time when the data to support such dashboards often still requires much manual intervention, ie. acquisition from source systems, cleansing, transformation and loading into a consumable format. Where’s the ROI in that? Most systems boast on the time savings achieved with implementation when calculating a BI system’s ROI.


But, not to knock them. I find them a great alternative for proof of concept work or when the manual nature of compiling the data isnt a concern or is someone’s role, and all that is needed is the icing to tell the cunning story (“Once upon a time, there was a SKU…And this SKU had many family members who lived in different houses in different regions of the world”)


Aah yes, if only all BI could be told as such a happy little anecdote of a story…A girl can wish can’t she?

Download Gartner 2010 Report Click Here

Report is also available in my SkyDrive library.

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