Week 1.P2 @NFLFantasy PPR Play/Bench Using #MachineLearning

OK, so going into Monday night, I am doing pretty well. Remember, going into Sunday, I was predicted to lose by 25+ points according to @NFLFantasy (NFL.com). But of course, they course correct all throughout gameday on Sunday and now I am projected to win (not sure if anyone would need ML to determine that based on current outcome).

Here is the current status:

Me: 131.71 / Opp: 92.44

My bench only totaled 8.90 / Opp bench: 30.30

IScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.41.31 PM never count my chickens before they are hatched though; I have A. Thielen left; she has M. Ingram and K. Rudolph; If my player scores 0 (which I am not projecting he will), she would need ~40 points to beat me. And crazier outliers have occurred. I knew K. Hunt would be stellar but not THAT stellar.

But I think I am most proud of my bench. Yes Evans was a forced bench due to unforeseen Bye Week and McFadden was only to fill some Elliott holes when it was expected he would not suit up.  But two years ago, I was known for having more points on my bench than in my Starting Lineup. 🙂 If Year 4 of my ML approach turns out as successful as Year 2 and 3, then I might share how I do it algorithmically. Trust me, it takes a lot of patience and training time to get this right.

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