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Author: Laura Edell

Business Intelligence thought leader and self-proclaimed stats geek, who has high cognitive ability, yet is innately curious, has the self-awareness to learn and re-learn from failure with the experience to problem-solve not just by understanding the ‘What‘ or ‘How‘ but by asking the sometimes painful ‘Why‘ until the true root cause emerges; I’m a person who loves a spirited debate and believes the innate opposition of ‘argument’ is the father of creativity and the mother of invention.

Further, I embody a sense of responsibility and ownership, is seen by others as an emerging leader who will challenge herself to solve any problem with enough humility to step back and embrace the better ideas of others; a person who walks in confidence and talks without conceit, who believes in passion over complacency, a zealot with a fierce position yet is highly adaptable to collaborative opinion changes, especially those accompanied by evidentiary data over personal opinion and conjecture.

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